Speaker Tate: “Assault Weapons Ban is on the table!”

Speaker Tate: “Assault Weapons Ban is on the table!”

Sunday, May 14th, 2023

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If you thought that the Radical Leftists in Lansing were done attacking our gun rights after passing multiple gun control bills in the last couple weeks, I’ve got bad news for you.

Despite passing Universal Background Checks, Mandated Firearms Storage laws and Red Flag Gun Confiscations, Speaker of the House Joe Tate and his allies are hell bent on banning our AR-15’s this year too!

Of course, this legislation bans far more than just our AR-15s. It would ban HUNDREDS of different styles of rifles and shotguns and would leave Michiganders effectively disarmed.

That’s what Democrat tyrants and their freedom hating allies in the legislature want: you and me disarmed.

That’s why I hope that you’ll read this email for all the details and then immediately sign and submit your petitions opposing this legislation so that we can stop this attack!

This isn’t a drill. Speaker Tate just told the Detroit News that a FULL BAN on AR-15s is “on the table” after passing recent gun control and it has the full support of Governor Whitmer!

The ‘assault weapons’ ban was only tabled last session because the Democrats didn’t have control of the legislature.

But those days are over.

The radical Left is enraged that gun voters flipped the House in Congress making it unlikely that they can ban AR-15s at the federal level – that’s why the Democrats in Lansing are likely going ‘all in’ to try to ban them here in Michigan!

If we don’t fight back, and RIGHT NOW, this bill could be on the Governor’s desk and signed into law in the blink of an eye.

We can’t let that happen!

The goal of this legislation is simple: evil tyrants like Gretchen Whitmer want to disarm their political opposition just like tyrants throughout history have done!

These people are pure Marxists who want absolute power; we experienced that first-hand in 2020. But these thugs can’t rule over an armed population. That’s why they MUST pass this bill.

If passed, this legislation would effectively disarm gun owners in Michigan by:

  • Sending you to prison for five years for the crime of
    purchasing an ‘assault weapon!’

    With over 20 million AR-15’s in circulation in the United
    States, they are the most popular rifle in the country, and have become a symbol of America’s defiance against tyranny.

  • Sending you to prison for giving your AR-15 or any other
    so-called ‘Assault Weapon’ to your kids or grandkids!

    When you die, your AR-15 dies with you as the only safe thing for your heirs to do with it is to relinquish it to government — disarming the next generation automatically.

  • Force gun manufacturers that operate here in Michigan to
    close their doors, limit their business, or move out!

    Michigan firearms manufacturers would have to agree to limit their sales to the government or move out of state if this bill passes.

As you can see, this legislation wouldn’t do anything to stop a violent criminal who would simply ignore the law before carrying out their acts of violence!

So sign your official petition telling your Senator and State Rep that you want them to be a NO VOTE on Speaker Tate’s so-called “Assault Weapons Ban!”

But it was never intended to stop crime.

This legislation was written to give the State of Michigan another law that they can use to demonize, harass, and prosecute otherwise law-abiding gun owners!

Don’t take my word for it, just look at the penalties in the bill that was filed last session.

Violating H.B. 6544 carries a felony charge, which means you’ll be facing five years in the penitentiary, a massive fine, and will never be able to own a firearm again for the ‘crime’ of owning the most popular rifle in America.

And let’s be very clear about something: while the current generation of gun owners may think they are in the clear due to the ‘grandfather clause’ in this legislation, that’s a farce.

The second there’s another mass shooting in Michigan, the politicians in Lansing would move to remove the grandfather clause and expand their ‘assault weapons’ ban, effectively outlawing EVERY rifle in Michigan!

We can’t let this happen; we need to stand and fight now.

Here at Michigan Firearms Association, we are doing everything we can to mobilize an army of gun owners to flood the House and Senate with hundreds of thousands of signed petitions opposing these bills before it’s too late.

We are doing this using a combination of:

  1. A digital and internet ad blitz; which sounds the alarm
    about the ‘assault weapons’ legislation being pushed in the
    Capitol, and allows gun owners to share these ads on their
    own social media platforms, ensuring massive expose.
  2. A massive email and direct mail program; nothing penetrates
    Big Tech’s censorship more thoroughly these days than
    direct mail and email communication. In fact, these days,
    mail and email programs are more important than ever for
    gun owners!
  3. A statewide radio and TV ad campaign; if we can afford
    it, we are gearing up to expose these bills on some of
    the biggest networks in the state once votes are scheduled!

Every single part of this program is designed to do one thing: flood the legislature with calls and emails in opposition to these bills and remind the politicians in Lansing that gun owners will hold them accountable if they pass these bills!

Your signed petition is an important part of ramping up the heat in the Capitol, so please sign it right away!

But MFA also needs your financial support to run the programs that I outlined above.

You see, for this program to work it needs to be massive. In fact, our goal is to generate 100,000 signed petitions, just like the ones I’ve linked for you, before the Democrats hold any floor action!

As you can imagine, such a massive defensive program won’t be cheap.

So please sign your petition and submit it to Michigan Firearms Association as soon as possible!

But when you do, I hope that you’ll include your most generous contribution to help us fight for you and stop these attacks in Lansing!

I don’t know what fits your budget right now. For some, $250 or even $500 is very doable.

For others, $100, $50 or $25 is all that works at this time. All I can say is this fight will decide the future of our state and our personal freedoms.

Some people have given up the fight for freedom here and spend their days talking about moving to another state. But for many Michiganders that’s simply not an option.

And if Michigan falls, the enemies to freedom will simply move on to the next states. That’s why Michigan Firearms Association will fight as long and hard as we can to protect our Second Amendment freedoms here at home!

So if $250 is not possible, I hope you’ll rush me a donation of $100, $50, $25 or whatever you can afford.

Our forefathers codified our right to keep and bear arms in the Constitution. Our grandfathers defended these rights against evil empires across the globe. And our fathers defended these rights against politicians here at home.

Now it’s our turn. And our grandchildren are counting on us. So please submit your signed petition — along with your most generous donation — right away as this bill gets moving!

For Freedom,

Ben Dorr
Executive Director
Michigan Firearms Association



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