Gun Control TOMORROW!

Gun Control TOMORROW!

Tuesday, March 14th, 2023

Chip in $10

We’re almost out of time, so I’ll be brief. 

Tomorrow the Michigan Senate is bringing forward 3 major pieces of unconstitutional gun control legislation and I’m asking all Michiganders to hit the links below and tell their Senators to VOTE NO on the whole slate. 

These bills include:

  •  S.B. 76, 77 and 78. which would criminalize private transfers of firearms by expanding Michigan’s handgun permit-to-purchase system to ALL firearms. This adds rifle and shotgun transfers to the state registry, giving MORE of your information to the government.It also removes the pistol permit-to-purchase exemption for transfers conducted by licensed firearm dealers who conduct instant federal background checks, meaning prospective handgun purchasers must apply for, and receive, a permit prior to being able to go to a gun store to take possession of a handgun.
  • S.B. 79, 80, 81 and 82 will mandate a mandatory firearm storage law for gun owners. Those not storing firearms in compliance with this tyranny face prison time of up to 15 years and fines of up to $7,500, for unauthorized access by minors.In the Heller decision, the U.S. Supreme Court held that storage provisions that prevent a law-abiding American from having ready access to a firearm for self-defense are unconstitutional.
  • S.B. 83, 84, 85 and 86 will implement Red Flag Gun Confiscation laws, allowing virtually anybody to claim you’re “dangerous” and, with no proof, no day in court and no due process, government agents can show up at your house and seize your firearms, forcing you into a months or years long battle to get your civil rights and guns back.

Please click this link to fid out who your Representatives in Lansing are, contact them and tell them to OPPOSE S.B. 76 – 86!

The reality is either we stop these bills tomorrow, or they become law.

If they pass these bills and Whitmer signs them, MFA will be gearing up to SUE THE HELL OUT OF THEM!

Can you help fund this fight

Fights like this aren’t cheap. 

And this isn’t the only fight we’re undertaking. 

Speaker Joe Tate has already announced that a TOTAL ban on so-called “Assault Weapons” is on the table. That means your AR-15s and HUNDREDS of other firearms could be banned if these wild tyrants decide to push it that far… and if we don’t put a stop to this. 

So whether you can make a major investment of $250 or $500, or if $100, $50 or $25 is what you can do right now, I’m asking for an emergency contribution to help us fight on all these fronts.

Stand with us. FIGHT BACK NOW!

For Freedom,

Ben Dorr,
Executive Director
Michigan Firearms Association

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